About Alison M. Decker, AMM Designs, LLC

Thanks for visiting my web site and for trusting me to help your businesses.  Here is just a little about my background, experience and what drives me.

About Alison AMM Designs


  • Green High School, Green, OH - 2004 - Magna Cum Laude
  • Ohio University, Athens, OH - 2008 - Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication from the Scripps College of Communication, Specialization in Multimedia, Minor in Art


Experience & History

  • Graphic design of greeting cards for everyone in Yiayia and Papou's (grandma and grandpa's) home office using MS Dos since age 5 (where it all began)
  • Several graphic design, multimedia and photography courses in High School where I named myself AMM Designs for a class project
  • 2004 (It got serious) - Got paid for my first logo!
  • 2004 Became one of only 17 students admitted into the Multimedia program in the School of Visual Communication
  • 2006 Earned a position at St. Martin Online for my college internship where I was responsible for managing over 200 travel web sites and all print design for St. Martin/St. Maarten and the Caribbean.  Plus created all collateral for 2 on-campus businesses (594-Ride & Delivery Dough).  About Alison AMM DesignsA huge thanks to owner, John, who taught me a ton about running a business!
  • 2008 Graduated Ohio University 
  • 2008 Went full time with my business, AMM Designs.  A big thanks to my cousin, Scott, of Compunet, who taught me more about running a business, invited me to networking groups and really helped with getting going.
  • 2009 Incorporated as an LLC


  • Water Skiing, Wakeboarding & Boating
    • Current Member: USA Water Ski, OWSA, Lake Mohawk Water Ski Club (Secretary)
    • Former: NCWSA & MCWSA Member, OU Water Ski Team Member & Team Captain
  • Jet Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Traveling - This is why my job is perfect for me - I can work from anywhere!
    • Favorite places: Greece (where my mom's family is from) & Oregon (where some of my dad's family lives, plus Mount Hood is right there for snowboarding)
    • Goal: See the world. After all, as someone in Paris told me, "The world is only as small or as big as you make it." The way I see it, the more I travel and learn, the more I can help my customers.
  • Trying to be as Eco-friendly as Possible
    • Check out the print page for eco-friendly initiatives when it comes to business
      About Alison AMM Designs

Community Involvement

  • Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, Board Member 2017
  • Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
  • Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
  • Lake Mohawk Property Owners Association
  • Lake Mohawk Water Ski Club


Things I love

  • Mom, Dad and entire family (too many to list)
    • Several of my family members are or were self-employed (including both sets of grandparents, uncle and several cousins) and influenced me to start my own business and continue to inspire me every day. Thank you!
    • My Papou (grandpa) who taught me how to treat people the right way in business. Even if it doesn't benefit you, do what you think is right.  (Plus several other lessons)
    • Extra thanks to my mom who proofreads my work and helps with office work
  • My Yorkie Pom and AMM Designs official mascot, Maddie
  • My husband, Dustin, who has owned Decker Landscape for over 23 years. We learn so much from each other about life as a business owner which I think helps us both better serve our customers.
  • Helping others and watching others succeed.